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Dermaplaning and why it’s better with Glow & Skins Multipurpose balm?

Dermaplaning and why it’s better with Glow & Skins Multipurpose balm?

One of our favourite treatments at Glow & Skin HQ is dermaplaning. With its multiple skin health benefits, dermaplaning gives an instant glow-up leaving the skin looking fabulous. It can be performed as an integrated therapy within the Iconic Facials 14-step treatment or as a stand-alone treatment.

But are all Dermaplaning treatments equal? We take a look and discover why Glow and Skins dermaplaning treatments using the multipurpose balm are as Iconic as the facial itself.

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a quick and painless procedure that exfoliates the skin on the face while at the same time removing fine vellus hairs. 

In previous news, we discussed the different types of hair growth and their causes. Our training courses cover all aspects of Anatomy & Physiology relating to hair growth, structure, and function and how this relates to dermaplaning treatment. This depth of knowledge ensures that Iconic Facialists can make an accurate assessment before any treatment is given, ensuring their clients receive the best treatment. 

Dermaplaning is only as safe as the therapists performing it, and our therapists are trained to the highest standards.

Dermaplaning you can trust.

So, dermaplaning involves a surgical blade being scraped all over the skin! You need to be sure you’re in safe hands and that the equipment is of the highest quality, right?

Well, you can relax. Glow & skin has sourced and selected the best dermaplaning tools making sure the treatment is safe and effective. 

The dermaplaning blades are individually packaged and made of sterile premium carbon steel. The blades are single-use, so they will only be used once and stay sharp throughout the procedure. The tips are curved for extra comfort and to ensure every part of the face can be reached, so nothing is missed giving perfect results every time. The blade handles are ergonomic and comfortable to work with.

Glow and Skins Multipurpose Balm

We often get asked whether it’s better to perform dermaplaning with a balm or on dry skin. 

The Glow & Skin multipurpose balm has been specifically formulated to work with the dermaplaning equipment. It provides the necessary glide and slip to ensure a safe treatment and avoid injury with the blade. 

Dermaplaning without a balm will create friction, increasing the risk of cutting and abrading the skin, making it sensitive, and increasing redness and skin rashes, which can take several days to settle. Clients with dry skin are more likely to experience sensitivity, so the treatment would have higher risks if a balm was not used and more uncomfortable. 

Dermaplaning on dry skin will create ‘drag’, which is particularly dangerous when treating mature clients or areas of loose baggy skin. 

Glow & Skin's multipurpose balm is 100% natural, using a super-rich blend of soya wax and oils.

Soya wax is packed with vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant that locks in moisture. Extra vitamin E is added to increase its anti-inflammatory properties and help protect the skin from sun damage.

The balm has a silky-smooth texture and feels beautiful with a rich blend of sunflower, sweet almond, calendula, and grape oils. Collectively these oils are soothing and provide anti-oxidant protection.

Calendula oil has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. It can be used as a natural antiseptic, making it ideal for dermaplaning treatment.  

A blend of shea and seed butter softens, naturally moisturises and hydrates the skin, protecting it from damage and environmental pollutants. They both have anti-inflammatory properties ensuring the skin is not sensitised or irritated by the treatment.

This balm packs a powerful punch but is gentle on even the most sensitive skins. It makes dermaplaning safer and acts as a treatment for the skin.

And the benefits don’t stop there! The Glow & Skin multipurpose balm is cruelty-free and can also be used as a make-up remover, removing stubborn make-up effortlessly.

We love the Glow and Skin multipurpose balm and know you will too. 

We hope you enjoyed our blog. Please leave a comment below, we'd love to know your thoughts on our blog and answer any questions you may have!