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best microneedling pen grey color
best microneedling pen grey color
grey microneedling pen
grey microneedling pen
grey microneedle pen
grey microneedle pen
best microneedling pen grey color
grey microneedling pen
grey microneedle pen

Glow Smart Microneedling Pen


Improve your skincare treatments with the Glow Smart Microneedling Pen, the ultimate device for professional skin rejuvenation. It offers precision, safety, and superior results with advanced features like adjustable needle depth and ergonomic design.

Why Choose the Glow Smart Microneedling Pen:

  • Stimulates Collagen Production: Harness the power of controlled micro-injuries to significantly improve skin texture and tone, promoting natural healing and collagen production.
  • Customizable Treatments: With adjustable needle depth, tailor each session to your client's specific skin needs and concerns, ensuring personalized and optimal results.
  • Designed for Comfort: The ergonomic design guarantees effortless handling, making treatments comfortable for both the professional and the client.
  • Uncompromised Hygiene: Comes with disposable microneedling cartridges, each in sterile packaging, to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and prevent cross-contamination.
  • Exclusively Professional: This microneedling pen is a must-have for professionals in esthetics or dermatology.

The Glow Smart Microneedling Pen is the perfect addition for professionals looking to upgrade their services. Whether you're aiming to address fine lines, wrinkles, scars, or simply improve the overall skin quality, this microneedle pen empowers you to achieve visible, lasting results. Set a new standard in client satisfaction and skincare excellence.

· The device has two operational modes - wired and wireless operation mode.

· Variable speeds ranging from 1-6 with a max speed of 8,600 rpm.

· LED Screen for visual reference of speed.

· Low battery warnings – LED display alerts the practitioner when there is 10% remaining on the battery. Additionally, the LED will alert when there is 1 minute remaining, after which the device will automatically turn off.

· Beautifully sleek grey matte design for safe grip.

· Ergonomic handle made of durable Aluminium alloy.

· The device is packaged in its own box for convenient, clean storage and comes with cable, adapter, manual insert, battery, 2pcs x cartridges.

· Arrive indicator for needle length.

· Vertical needle entry for increased client comfort, less risk of trauma to the skin and minimal downtime. The 90° needle entry ensures consistency without compromising the integrity of the skin.

· Versatile due to 0.0mm - 2.5mm needle lengths, able to treat a range of clinical indications. This provides consistent, even depth and control.

· Four cartridge options to allow for a wider range of clinical indications to be treated, including effective body treatments.

· Strong, durable medical grade stainless steel needles ensure no needle bend risk, abrasion or tearing on the skin, offering greater client comfort.

· Sterile for client protection. No backflow of bodily fluid through the pen, ensuring no risk of contamination or cross-infection.

· Variable oscillation speeds for greater control, cuts down on procedural times and supports client comfort.

· Lightweight, ergonomic design makes the pen easy to hold. The design treats small, hard-to-reach, curved contours, and large, flat surfaces.

· Effortlessly glides over the skin making the treatment comfortable for both the therapist and client.

· Disposable single-use sterile needle cartridges ensuring a safe and hygienic treatment.

Our professional microneedling pen includes a detailed user guide covering all its functions, making it simple for you to master and utilize effectively.

If you need training on how to perform microneedling, please visit our Microneedling course.

2 year manufacturer's warranty included with purchase of Microneedling Device.

*T&C’S apply

30 day money back guarantee 

Return your device within 30 days of purchase to receive a refund or store credit. Please contact us for the return address and further instructions. Our money back guarantee ensures your satisfaction.

 *T&C's apply

frequently asked question

Yes, our pen is specifically designed for professional use by estheticians, dermatologists, and skincare professionals who aim to deliver advanced microneedling treatments.

Yes, it features adjustable needle depth settings, allowing for customized treatments tailored to each client's specific skin concerns and needs.

Yes, the disposable needle cartridges are single-use, each in sterile packaging, ensuring uncompromised hygiene standards and preventing cross-contamination between clients.

Our Pen stimulates collagen production, improves skin texture and tone, and promotes natural healing. Its customizable treatments, ergonomic design for comfort, and professional-grade quality make it an essential tool for skincare professionals aiming for exceptional results.

The Glow Smart Microneedling Pen is FDA-Cleared and stands out for its precision, safety features, and adjustable needle depth settings, allowing for personalized treatments. Its hygienic design with disposable needle cartridges and professional grade quality make it a preferred choice among skincare professionals.

Yes, microneedling can be used in conjunction with other skincare treatments, such as topical serums or masks, to enhance their efficacy. Combining microneedling with other treatments can further boost collagen production, improve product penetration, and maximize overall results for the client's skin. If you are looking for a course which teaches multiple advanced facial techniques choose our Iconic Facial Course

Yes, comprehensive training is available for professionals. Our Microneedling Course covers the proper use of the device, including techniques for achieving optimal results, ensuring safety, and maximizing client satisfaction.